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2021 Parke County Covered Bridge Festival


Call for information     Martin Miranda



William Osmon



Shipping address

 for Civic Center


Mansfield Civic Center

6205 Mill Road

Rockville, IN 47872

Notice to new vendors;  The Mansfield Civic Center is located at the center of the village and is the home of 125 vendor spaces. It is generally considered a must stop for festival visitors. Our intent is to recruit additional  vendors that will increase the diversity of the shopping opportunities and we are seeking to add new vendors to the Mansfield Civic Center in product areas that have been opened due to retirements and business focus. We also want to help insure that the vendors represent a wide range of products and services. The following vendors opportunities are among those being sought for the 2019 Festival.



High End Costume Jewelry (e.g. Schwartz Crystal)

Leather Products - Clothing, Accessories and Hand Made items

Cell Phone Accessories

Motorcycle related items - Clothing and Accessories

Electronics including computer, tablet and related items

Christmas Memorbilia and Decorations

Toys and other Children items

Hand made candles

Any hand crafted items

Fine arts


A picture of your booth display would be helpful as we consider new merchandise. Please call if you have any questions.  812-251-7660




Avoid the rain, cold weather and have a crowd in front of your booth. The Civic Center in Mansfield is the most visited single venue  during the festival. Call today.

2021 Covered Bridge Festival

 Oct 8th-17th, 2021


2021 Covered Bridge Festival alert. We have only a limited number of available ideal spaces for the Mansfield Civic Center,

--10x20 and 10x10 --please call today.


Vendor Space information for the 2021 Mansfield Covered Bridge Festival is included in the contract information option. During the Mansfield Covered Bridge Festival the Civic Center serves as the anchor point of the Festival. It is estimated that 75 to 80 percent of the one and  half  million visitors to the festival each year visit the Civic Center. It is located in the very heart of Old Mansfield Village next to the 1867 historic covered bridge. Over 250 vendor spaces, including the 125 inside the Civic Center are located adjacent to the covered bridge. The cross roads of the festival are South Mill Road and Martin Road which crosses the bridge.

The Mansfield Civic Center was built in 1996 to serve as a facility to house quality vendors during the annual Mansfield Covered Bridge Festival. The facility is co-owned by Mansfield Restoration II, LLC, and Jon Devereaux.   



William Osmon


  is the leasing agent for the

 2021 Covered Bridge Festival

 and may be reached at



Its 21,600 square foot concrete floored interior is one of the largest free span buildings in western Indiana. It has the flexibility to serve 125 vendors in 10 x 10 foot spaces and also serve as the center of a car show with nearly 100 cars. Past use has been confined to the Covered Bridge Festival since it was built. That use is now being expanded to make it available to the community on a full time basis to house a variety of activities. Some structural changes such as large doors to accommodate easy access and egress have already been made to respond to the new uses.