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Dave Gahimer, artist and historian, has announced his latest Turnings from Antiquity in the form of Old Wood Turnings. Old wood, like old wine, has a character and patina that reflects the processes that have taken place over time. He has used old wood to fashion turnings that reflect a different time. He has made these turning available at an affordable price to allow collectors of artistic wooden objects.


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It is my goal to help people appreciate the artistry and symbolic meaning of objects that were included in ancient paintings. Through my research I have learned that the style of a vessel and its use were a part of the interpretation of the painting. I try to include a summary of the  history of the objects with each one I reproduce.


Another winner for Dave Gahimer

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Turnings from Antiquity


To faithfully reproduce turned Art items from the ancient past that may become a part of a collector set of such items.



To honor long gone fine craftsmen and Artisans whose work lives on in the small items found in the Paintings of the Great Masters.


To reproduce these Art items for those today who appreciate fine workmanship. 


To promote education and appreciation of the great painting masters & turning artisans of the ancient past by providing internet links to the Artists life and their works.



You may have noticed that all to often the real artisans of something we admire are not the ones honored. Who remembers the painters of the Pharos’s tomb?   Who remembers the men who built and crafted the elegant furnishings of the Titanic? Who were the workmen who built the Golden Gate Bridge?  Did we ever hear the names of the Engineers and Technicians who built the Mars Rovers?


We often see in the painting of the past Great Masters a turned item that is used as a prop. Who made it?


I have since boyhood noticed and admired the small turned items in the great paintings of the past. When I had reproduced a few items, it occurred to me that others who admire fine painting and turned artwork might like to have an item that they could hold in their own hands, from a painting they admire.


 Turnings from antiquity was born. 


Many people study a painting and admire the skill of the artist. Some search for the artist’s intent, a message or meaning. Still others examine a style and look for the artist personalization on that style.


I use an ancient painting as a Time Machine, studying small details to transport my thoughts to the place & time of the artist that painted it.  Glaring errors in time quickly stand out.  For example, fine glassware on the table of the “Last Supper” by some artists. Usually, though the items and setting around the primary subject of a painting will tell volumes about the daily life of the people at that time in history. Furniture style and how it is constructed. Buildings interiors and exteriors give a hint of how professional architects and designers conceived of their work.







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